THE FIRST YEARS Air-Flow Sleep Positioner 5 Inch

  • SGD $32.90

Product Description
Research has shown the huge importance of ensuring babies are correctly positioned when put down to sleep. In fact, the danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), or cot death, has been shown to increase by nine times if a baby is put down to sleep on its front. A further risk of SIDS has been indentified where the baby can be allowed to get too hot. With this in mind, The First Years, in consultation with leading paediatricians, has produced the new Airflow Sleep Positioner range. This range of product ensures that baby sleeps in the correct position and the Airflow design ensures adequate ventilation to avoid overheating.

This product allows for maximum breathability and minimum heat build-up, while keeping baby comfortably in position throughout the night. Ventilated frames allow air to flow through cushion, and fabric design features a stars and moon theme in neutral styling to fit with any nursery decor. The size is adjustable and it's washable and dryable. Up to 6 months.


  • The first years airflow sleep positioner keeps baby in position at night
  • Special patented airflow technology allows air to circulate keeping baby comfortable as they sleep
  • Soft breathable fabric is machine washable
  • Positioner can be adjusted to the correct size so baby stays comfortable, safe and happy
  • Suitable for babies from birth up until six-months

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