• AMEDA Breast Pump Valves (2-piece pack)

AMEDA Breast Pump Valves (2-piece pack)

  • Brand: Ameda
  • Product Code: AD17146I_Ameda Valves (2-pc pack)
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Replacement part for the HygieniKit, for use with all Ameda electric breast pumps. The replacement valve fits onto pump body and extends down into bottle. Wash this piece with hot, soapy water. It is not advisable to insert any object into the valve opening to clean it. This may tear or stretch the part resulting in poor performance. Check the valve frequently for tears.


Fits all Ameda Breast Flanges in the CustomFit Flange System. White valves should be replaced if torn, stretched or a decrease of suction is sensed. Important part for proper function of all Ameda breast pumps. BPA free.

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