• AMEDA Single Hygiene Pumpset

AMEDA Single Hygiene Pumpset

  • Brand: Ameda
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For use with the Ameda Hygiene Milk Collection System
The Ameda HygieniKit Without BPA or DEHP is an exclusive system has a unique silicone diaphragm that prevents moisture and milk from entering the tubing so under normal use there's no need to clean the pump tubing! Each Ameda HygieniKit comes sterile, pre-assembled and ready to use. It fits all Ameda electric breast pumps, and it is easy to clean and re-assemble. With this system, you can pump into any standard-thread baby bottle or milk storage bag.

HygieniKit Features:
First Closed System – Diaphragm between the breast flange and tubing to prevent moisture and milk from entering the pump tubing.
FDA Approved – Patented silicone diaphragm acts as a two-way protective barrier to viral and bacteria contamination.
Sterile Packaging – Each HygieniKit is sealed in sterile packaging, fully assembled and ready to use.
Works with All Ameda Electric Pumps – The HygieniKit is compatible with all of Ameda’s electric breast pumps including the Ameda Elite and the Ameda Purely Yours models.
Easy to Clean and Assemble – Closed system eliminates the need to wash the pump tubing so there are fewer parts to disassemble and clean after each use.


Includes with

1 x 25mm breast flange/funnel.

1 x Silicone diaphragm.

1 x 120 ml Milk collection bottle.

1 x White valves.

1 x Adapter cap.

1 x Silicone tubing.

1 x Instructions for use.

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