• AMEDA Lactaline Personal Breastpump

AMEDA Lactaline Personal Breastpump

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Ameda Lactaline Personal Dual Electric Breastpump.

Ameda know how much breastfeeding matters to you and your baby. Ameda's story starts with a passion for breastfeeding. More than 60 years ago, we invented the first truly comfortable and effective breastpump. Because every mum and baby is different, Ameda breastpumps are designed to be more adjustable than other personal or hospital grade breastpumps.

Help protect your breast milk and your baby from bacteria, mould and viruses. Ameda has the world's only breastpump with a proven protective barrier. Proven Airlock Protection means our unique diaphragm prevents the air from your pump from coming into contact with your milk whilst pumping. You don't have to clean the narrow tubing, so your milk stays purely yours. Mould and bacteria easily grow in breast pump tubing when moisture becomes trapped inside it. Ameda has the world's only breastpump with a proven Airlock protection barrier to help protect breast milk from bacteria, mould and viruses while pumping. Every mum is unique. You know your own body.

Ameda breastpumps feature fully independent CustomControl for suction and speed. Set your own speed and suction level from 32 combinations. The dual adjustability lets you select the best levels for your milk flow and comfort, helping you express effectively and comfortably every time. The Ameda CustomFit Flange System makes it easy to find a good flange fit by offering seven flange sizes that adapt to all Ameda Breast Pumps and Kits. Different flange sizes allow for a more customised fit, making milk expression comfortable and efficient. Every Ameda breastpump includes the most commonly needed flange size (25 mm), which easily adapts with the other six additional sizes (available separately). Ameda Lactaline Personal Dual Electric Breastpump. Mum Inspired. Hospital Trusted. Try us on. You will like our adjustability, comfort and performance. You will also love knowing your milk is as pure and clean as Mother Nature made it.


Choice of double and single pumping. Same hospital-proven pumping technology as the Ameda Elite Hospital Breastpump, used in over 50% of all UK maternity units. All parts in contact with breastmilk are BPA and DEHP free. 3 possible power sources - AC adaptor (included), 6 x AA batteries or car adaptor (not included). Lightweight and portable pumping unit weighs just 500 grams. Additional or replacement HygieniKit(complete double milk collection system) for Lactaline available from selected retailers.


1 year Local Warranty



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