LASCAL Universal Connector Kit for Buggy Board - Mini, Maxi, Maxi+

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Brand: Lascal
Product Code: LCA11340_Universal Connector Kit

Whether you want to move your BuggyBoard quickly from one pram/pushchair to another, or you have simply lost or broken your BuggyBoard Connectors, you'll be glad you can buy an extra pair. The extra Connector Kit contains everything you need to attach the board to your pushchair - no tools required. Each Universal Extra Connector Kit contains a pair of Connectors, two Cotter Pins, Friction Tape and a Hook & Strap for hooking up the Lascal BuggyBoard when not in use.


Item Weight:4.8 ounces. Product Dimensions:50.2 x 23 x 41 inches. Target gender:Male

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