Go Kidz - Electric Travel Toothbrush (Blue)

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Brand: Brush Baby
Product Code: BRB122_Go Kidz - Electric Travel Toothbrush (Blue)

by Brush Baby

Product Features

Go-Kidz Electric Toothbrush is a fun way for children to care for their teeth every day and while on sleepovers or on holiday.

It comes with a cover that helps keep both brush and suitcase clean and we've included stickers to customize!!!

To clean your Go-Kidz: Rinse with water and leave to dry. Ensure brush is dry before replacing the lid.

For best brushing results: Replace every 3 months or when bristles begin to wear or splay.



  • Brush head cover keeps brush and suitcase clean

  • 36 holographic stickers - style your brush!

  • Replaceable brush heads

  • 2 minute timer

  • 2 power modes (Regular 11000 stokes/min or Sensitive 7000 strokes/min)

  • AAA battery included

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