LASCAL M1 Buggy Stroller - Red

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Brand: Lascal
Product Code: LC6030_M1 Buggy Stroller - Red


For kids up to 6-years-old

Pushing a buggy should always be this easy.

The unique M1 buggy has rotatable handles with three different angles,

each with two grip positions for the best, smoothest ride ever.

Handy height adjustment

Adjust the handles to suit you, with two different heights available. Choose between 12 handle positions,

and swap mid-flow to suit your environment and stay in control at all times.


Great for taller people too

Flexible handle adjustment means you can tailor the buggy to your height, even if you’re taller. Rotating handles

help you tweak the angle to suit your stride, including if you have a BuggyBoard® attached.


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