LEAPFROG LeapStart Book - Pixar Pals, Math In Action

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Product Code: LF80-461900_Pixar Pals, Math In Action

LeapStart™ Pixar Pals, Math in Action
(CODE: LF80-461900)

Type: Book

Curriculum: Math. & Listening Skills

Works With: LeapStart 3D, LeapStart, LeapStart Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten, LeapStart Kindergarten, Level 3

Publisher: LeapFrog

Age: 4 - 7 years


  • Create number sentences
  • Identify shapes and symmetry
  • Interpret data in a graph or chart

30+ Replayable Princess Activities Inside!

  • Crack the code with Dash and Elastigirl
  • Use addition and subtraction to defeat the Omnidroid
  • Skip count to help Violet and Dash outsmart the velocipods
  • Join Lightning McQueen in the Symmetry Simulator
  • Who's the fastest car? Compare lap times 
  • Hear story problems and guide Dory through the pipes
  • Help Dory find the right 3D-shaped tank
  • Count and pop bubbles in the ocean

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