MiFold Grab-and-Go Booster Seat (Denim Blue)

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Product details of mifold Grab-and-Go Booster Seat

  • Compact and easily carried by anyone
  • Unique fabric that prevents slipping, and is easily cleaned
  • Built using tough plastic polymers and aircraft grade aluminium
  • Adjustable lap belt guide
  • Hard outer case protects the seat
  • Quick and easy adjustment that can be done by kids of all ages
  • Designed for children aged 4+
  • Certified to European crash test standards, ECE R44-04, complies with Singapore Traffic Police seat belt regulations

The mifold Grab-and Go Car Booster Seat is the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat in the world which is suitable for children aged 4 and above. This booster seat is ten times smaller than the average booster seat, making it more convenient to stuff it in a child's bag and be carried around. The design of the car seat lowers the adult seat belt and fits the child snugly for them to shift the belt from the stomach and neck, and making it more comfortable and safe fit. It has been regularly crash tested in certified facilities around the world and meets or exceed the European crash test standard ECE R44-04. Note that regulations do vary from country to country. In the US and Canada, the mifold is designed for children weighing 18-45kg and between 100-145cm tall. 

In Singapore today, there's a fact that only 6% of children use an appropriate child restraint, no matter it is in taxis and ride-sharing vehicles, carpools or in rental cars. With the use of this compact and portable device, a child can easily keep one with them all the time and drivers can keep spares, without cluttering up a car and losing cabin or luggage space. And the child can always be safe anywhere no matter whose car they in, and that is the mifold vision. 

What are the Features?

Durable---Hard, outer case protects mifold while keeping the seat cushion clean.

Comfortable---Supportive DenseFoamTM with unique FrictionFabricTM , this comfortable seats prevents slipping, stays cool on hot days and it is easy to clean. 

Advanced Engineering---Built Using SuperToughTM plastic polymers and aircraft grade Aluminium, mifold is mighty small and mighty strong. 

Adjustable---mifold can be adjusted to securely restrain all children. Lap Belt guides have three adjustment. 

Fast---Quick-ClipTM allows quick, easy and accurate adjustments for children of all sized as well as simple one-handed use, without having to look.

How it Works?

The mifold adjusts the adult sized seatbelt to securely fit a child. Two red lap belt guides hold the lap belt accurately on the hip bones. The shoulder strap and red clip aligns the chest strap with the child's shoulder. There are just THREE simple steps to use the mifold:

STEP ONE: Adjust mifold to fit the child: side arms width and shoulder strap length.

STEP TWO: Fasten Seatbelt and insert the lap belt into both mifold lap belt guides.

STEP THREE: Clip the mifold shoulder strap onto the chest seatbelt to hold it on shoulder.


Product Specifications
Package Dimensions 25.5 x 17.5 x 8 cm
Package Weight 1.00 kg
Safety Standards Certified to European crash test standards, ECE R44-04, complies with Singapore Traffic Police seat belt regulations
Child Specifications
Child Weight 15 - 36 kg
Child Age 4+ years

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