LITTLE TREE Baby Dish & Bottle Cleaning Foam (500ml)

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Brand: LittleTree
Product Code: LTDW050001_Baby Dish & Bottle Cleaning Foam (500ml

We all want to our family’s environment to be clean and comfortable. little tree’s cleaning and personal hygiene products harness the natural cleansing powers of the Plant Kingdom to keep your clothing, dishes and bottles clean and fresh. Specially formulated for Baby’s dishes, bottles and spoons, little tree Dish and Bottle Foam cuts grease, removes stains, and rinses off easily to minimize water consumption. Made with Grapefruit, Tea Tree Extract and Orange Extract.

  • Specially formulated for baby and whole family
  • Made with grapefruit, orange and tea tree 
  • Rinses off easily 
  • Minimise water consumption 


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