THE FIRST YEARS Breastflow 9oz Bottle BPA Free (1pk)

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Brand: The First Years
Product Code: TFY4562_Breastflow 9oz Bottle BPA Free (1pk)

Breastflow 's patented 2-in-1 nippple lets your baby control the flow of breast milk or formula as naturally as breastfeeding. By using both suction and compression motions, your baby is able to regulate the flow of milk unlike any other bottle.

Plus, Breastflow is designed to help prevent colic. Moms who participated in an independent in-home bottle feeding research study said their babies experienced reduced colic symptoms such as less gas, spit-up or fussiness when using Breastflow.

Whether you choose to feed your baby breast milk or formula, Breastflow® provides a unique bottle feeding experience unlike any other for a satisfied baby and happy mom.


How the nipple works
Works like mom
The only bottle with a 2-in-1 nipple that lets your baby use the same natural motions as breastfeeding.

Soft outer nipple
mimics the feel of the breast and allows baby's tongue to stay in the same position as breastfeeding

Inner nipple
allows your baby to control the flow naturally like breastfeeding whether you use breast milk or formula.


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